IECO is wholly dedicated to doing its role in making our home country’s Vision 2030 a success, both from a business standpoint and by introducing global best practices and investment opportunities to cater towards an extensive range of stakeholder interests.

International Energy Co. Ltd. is a holding company that owns and operates businesses in the energy sector. The strategies that we follow in our business growth and expansion vary and we tailor our approach towards the specific sector we are targeting at a point in time. Our specialization and expansion in Downstream Oil Marketing is a testament to our approach. Now we operate in Aviation Fueling, Marine Bunkering, Retail Petrol Station Networks, Retail & Industrial Lubricants and back court facilities. We built on our expertise of  Bulk Oil Trading and Storage Terminals for Oil & Petrochemical products to become a prominent player in Downstream Oil Marketing & Distribution Businesses.  


Our Approach

We have simplified our investments with a focus to invest in practical and efficient energy avenues ensuring highest standards of quality and safety. We try to only do the best with-in our financial capacity and functional expertise to create business growth opportunities in regional markets by creating distinct and significant value propositions for our clients and for the society.


at IECO, we strive to generate long term returns by balancing growth and profitability while being considerate of market conditions, geographic challenges, economic dynamics and technological advancements to solve problems through our business solutions.

We have invested in diverse businesses in energy sector employing a variety of resources and skillsets, to increase the chances of success and return on investment while taking advantage of cross functional synergies.
Oil Marketing Companies (OMC's)
We focused on increasing our retail presence by investing in Retail Oil Marketing in Indian Subcontinent and East Africa. Its an opportunity to serve the masses through our quality products and services. Our expertise enables us to compete as we now focus on adding more value through improvement in backcourt services (non fuel retail -NFR) at our retail stations.
Supply Chain Integration
Our downstream supply chain integration enabled us to create substantial value propositions while procuring, storing, blending and distributing petroleum products and lubricant grades for retail consumption. We proudly cater to the distinctive requirements of our industrial consumers for utility grades of petroleum products and lubricants.
Lean Operations
Our business operations follow the lean fundamentals where we are able to optimize our financial and human capital for greater efficiency & effectiveness while lowering our operating costs. We have transitioned into a lean company where every material and human resource is productive and a value addition to the operations of our businesses.
Opportunity Capitalization
Our investments are part and parcel of the opportunities provided by the regional markets, our esteemed partners and economic dynamics of the geographies we operate in. As an opportunity driven entity, we are not only able to do good business but also create impactful value for our customers, energy sector and regional economies.
Digital Innovation & Integration
We dedicate substantial efforts for digital transformation and adaptability. It's an ongoing process that makes us agile and responsive to cater our clients efficiently in alignment with modern trends. We are always willing to experiment and take calculative risks to implement digital innovations for meeting and exceeding expectations of our customers.
Human Capacity Building
We rely and emphasize greatly on our human capital. We strive to ensure that our human resources are up to date with the skills, expertise and technology to help them as tools for value creation. Our people are our success factor and pivotal to our ambitions.
Net Zero Ambition
We are a responsible business entity committed to contribute towards growth and sustainability of the ecosystem for our world. We are exploring avenues to become a net zero company in line with UNITED NATIONS Net-zero Commitment by 2050 as a responsibility towards protecting our planet.